Trend Spotting…We Jammin’

11 05 2010

Move over Marley, “rast-ot” in Hebrew, or dreads are apparently big time in Tel Aviv. This place was packed with girls lining up to add a few dreads to their luscious locks, or in some cases, a full head of tightly woven braids a la corn row style!

 Israeli women of all ages are notorious for sporting long, long, often-too-long natural hair. While dreadlocks might have some credence among hippy-chic backpackers, and braids maybe ok for the beach in the Bahamas, (and that’s pushing it) this city girl is tied up and knot running to book her appointment at this quirky salon!


Beer Drinkin’ Babes!

11 05 2010

Tel Aviv was chock-a-block full of style today, but throw the trendy threads aside for a moment and enjoy this:

There is simply nothing more à la mode than a girl who knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. Here are two of them, sharing one fashionable street bench!

Feel the vibe…mid afternoon on a working day…complete strangers…one chow’s down on a ketchup soaked hot dog and the other steals a moment away from work sipping on a beer. Way to go girls and Welcome to Allenby Street!

I’m on a Boat!

5 05 2010

Nautical themed clothes have made it on the Israeli runway. Castro has an inspiring new collection, reminiscent of Chanel’s 2009/2010 Cruise Collection.

Disregard all those old fashion rules about horizontal lines, throw on a huge pair of sunglasses, and step out in something striped! I’d do blue and white, since it’s a classic. Just keep it simple. Think Monte Carlo not Captain Ron!

Here’s an example if you’re not “catching” on: If you’re going to do a stripped top please help us all and don’t wear anchor earrings and rope belt…you’ve got the idea…now go get your YACHT ON!



26 04 2010

It’s been a while since I was last in L.A. but I find it hard to belive that denim overalls have hit the streets the way they have in Israel. Yup…overalls, that’s what I said, you heard me! I’m not convinced that women should be walking around looking like big babies, and for that reason if your dying to deck out, head- to- toe in denim, I recommend going with a piece of washed out denim from Sack’s 2010 Spring Summer Collection. The fabrics are oh so soft and lightweight. A great way to look stylish and stay cool this summer.



These Overalls are NOT okay and should stay on the hardware store shelves where they belong!


Always Dressed

Beauty Spa Review:

23 04 2010

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I showed up to Chen Face and Beauty for a deep cleansing facial treatment in jeans. I mean who, goes to get pampered in skinnies? Massage + Miss Sixty does NOT = Relax! I should have gone for my favorite new pair of floral tights, which, by the way, are scorching hot right now! Anyhow, lesson learned, and this post isn’t about fashion. It’s about beauty.

Chen’s Spa is a lovely little neighborhood treasure in Ramat Poleg, Netanya. Decorated in all white, with romantic antique chests and chairs scattered thoughtfully throughout; Chen’s intimate atmosphere is a great place to spoil yourself. Before your treatment, enjoy coffee, tea, or sweet treats displayed deliciously in beautiful glass cookie jars, which are for sale in a quaint little boutique overflowing with great girly-girl goodies.

My treatment was by candle light, a relaxing touch. When Chen, who personally does all of the treatments, slathered product on my face that needed time to work its magic, she didn’t leave me alone in the room for an extended period of time where I’m expected to drowse off into happy land but always end up peeling off whatever is covering my eyes and looking aimlessly around the room. Minutes that pass as fast as algebra class for an English student! Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by an arm, and foot and leg massage.

 Apparently steam, isn’t in facial fashion right now. I was a huge skeptic when I heard that there was “another way” to open up my skin in order to remove all of the yucky stuff stuck underneath the surface. But I left utterly glowing and free of red marks, the hallmark of a good facial. There’s nothing more uncomfortable walking around all day with the red evidence of extraction written all over your face…hold that thought, there might be one worse thing… sweaty, stuck-on -you skinnies after a wonderfully relaxing spa treatment!


Always Dressed

A&F: American Israel?

22 04 2010

To understand Israel’s A&F obsession you could make a parallel with UGGS on a hot summer day in LA…it’s ridiculous and it’s EVERYWHERE! Yes, Israeli street fashion has been flooded with A&F logo T’s and choked with its strong cologne. What’s worse, a ton of those items are fakes coming in from China.

Other than the underwear, which is comfortable and cute, I’ve never been a huge fan of A&F… Or Hollister…Or American Eagle Outfitters. I guess I just find this fashion too easy, unoriginal, if you will. But in American it seems to have a place in fashion. Seeing blond haired, blue eyed young American teenagers in a single file line, waiting eagerly to get their hands on the latest pair of ripped jeans conjures up a classic image of the all American teen. You know what I mean, football and frat parties! But here in Israel seeing every other 18 to 35 year old male sporting a light pink logo T is irritating! Even more so, since A&F has no plans to come to Israel: James Yano, Senior VP and General Counsel of Abercrombie & Fitch. “Abercrombie & Fitch do not intend to do business with H&O nor do we plan to come to Israel anytime in the near future, and certainly not this spring.” (

I propose, with all of the interesting garbs coming in from Paris and Italy let’s keep A&F in America, and try to be more creative with our everyday outfits! Good Luck!


Always Dressed

Hello world!

19 04 2010

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