My Story

I grew up watching my mother done herself daily in glamorous garbs. Elie Tahari by day and Chanel by night. While other kids were watching Looney Toons I was glued to Jeanne Beker on Fashion Television. I was reading Archie comics but I never missed an edition of VOGUE that was always lying around our house.

 Still, in my “buy the pound” used clothing I could see my mom’s yearning eyes as she dropped me off at high school every morning, her high quality perfume mingling with my patchouli musk. I was a product of the punk age and no amount of haute couture could convince me that oversized printed T’s and mens’ blue work pants weren’t “IT”.

It’s been years since I tied up and tossed garbage bags full of those old  clothes. I slowly traded them in piece by piece building an elegant wardrobe with my mother’s golden rule in mind; always looked dressed, no matter what the occasion. She sent me of to Journalism School looking like a girl. Fashion Mission Accomplished!

Fast forward to the last two years of my life. I met a gorgeous man in L.A., married him and together we moved to Israel. I’m inspired by the fashion here. It’s wildly different from anywhere else and easy on the eyes with everyday women who have an exotic beauty.

As I make my transition into Israeli culture I’ve decided to try my hand at writing a blog full of commentary on what’s hot, what’s not, and of course what’s unique about Israeli fashion.


Always Dressed


7 responses

23 04 2010

Hi Li!

I’ve just read a few of your posts…and am already obsessed.

Looking forward to your next adventures!!


23 04 2010

So happy to hear my fashionable friend! Subscribe!

23 04 2010

I remember the days with you in Sally Anne clothes and you were just as beautiful then as you are now.

23 04 2010

..but today I smell better too!! Thanks for the support Nic. Keep reading xoxo

24 04 2010
# 1 fan

great reading keep on wariting . looking forward for next week to going shopping with u . love u xoxo your # 1 fan

22 05 2010
Anna Townsend

Amazing Liones! I love the blog. miss you. xoxo

26 06 2010
Gina Platanitis

Love this Liora!!

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