A&F: American Israel?

22 04 2010

To understand Israel’s A&F obsession you could make a parallel with UGGS on a hot summer day in LA…it’s ridiculous and it’s EVERYWHERE! Yes, Israeli street fashion has been flooded with A&F logo T’s and choked with its strong cologne. What’s worse, a ton of those items are fakes coming in from China.

Other than the underwear, which is comfortable and cute, I’ve never been a huge fan of A&F… Or Hollister…Or American Eagle Outfitters. I guess I just find this fashion too easy, unoriginal, if you will. But in American it seems to have a place in fashion. Seeing blond haired, blue eyed young American teenagers in a single file line, waiting eagerly to get their hands on the latest pair of ripped jeans conjures up a classic image of the all American teen. You know what I mean, football and frat parties! But here in Israel seeing every other 18 to 35 year old male sporting a light pink logo T is irritating! Even more so, since A&F has no plans to come to Israel: James Yano, Senior VP and General Counsel of Abercrombie & Fitch. “Abercrombie & Fitch do not intend to do business with H&O nor do we plan to come to Israel anytime in the near future, and certainly not this spring.” (www.ynetnews.com).

I propose, with all of the interesting garbs coming in from Paris and Italy let’s keep A&F in America, and try to be more creative with our everyday outfits! Good Luck!


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19 04 2010

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